The 20th International Conference on


1-5 August, 2022
Gniezno is a relatively small city and by far the easiest way to get around is by foot. For longer trips you can use a bus. Tickets can be bought either in newsstands [kiosk], or in ticket machines located at major stops.
Daytime buses operate from around 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Type of ticket Full price
Single ride (without transfer) 3.00 PLN
60 minutes* 4.00 PLN
24 hour* 10.00 PLN
10-day ticket 38.00 PLN
*Those tickets can be bought only from the bus driver with an exact amount of cash or online (mobile ticket - through moBilet, SkyCash or CallPay app)

Approximate prices of some selected rides:
  • Institute of European Culture in Gniezno - Hotel - 20 PLN
  • Institute of European Culture in Gniezno - Balcerowo Palace - 20 PLN
  • Institute of European Culture in Gniezno - Gniezno railway station - 20 PLN
  • Balcerowo Palace - Hotel - 20 PLN
  • Gniezno railway station - Hotel - 20 PLN
  • Gniezno - Poznań airport (Ławica) - 330 PLN (fixed priced when you use Maxi Taxi)
To order a taxi, use the local app (Uber does not operate in Gniezno):
or call:
  • +48 512800808 Maxi Taxi
  • +48 614262626 Radio Taxi Lech,
  • +48 721043613 Edi Taxi,